May. 1st, 2009

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No one is actually bothering to read the facts and compare to history.  Yes, there is no cure so far, but this is far from an epidemic.  And with health care services being as advanced as they are today, people in the US need to calm the fuck down about their own safety and worry more about the safety of the poverty stricken in Third World countries.  The ones that even when there is a vaccine created, will still suffer hundreds and thousands of deaths a year from plain ol' influenza. 

We should not be panicking and just taking the same amount of precaution we always do in flu season.  Specifically with young kids and the elderly.  Keep a clean house, mind your manners when sneezing/coughing, the hand sanitizer is your friend, and if you feel sick - do everyone a favor and stay home.

Besides that, the public in general can't do much more than that until the scientists come up with a vaccine. 

And don't let this influenza influence you regarding Border issues - which we can see it coming already.

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