Feb. 2nd, 2009

slashy: (Miinty Arthur to the rescue)

My mind suddenly shipped Uther Pendragon & The Great (Slash) Dragon.

A whole plot of love, betrayal and deception popped into my head.

But, more interestingly, was the smut that popped into my head.

Uther/Dragon slash. 

*doesn't know whether it's good or if brain floss is needed*

slashy: (puppet snape bad night)
Mom calls me at 1:30-2pm, to tell me Grams fell out of bed. 

It's a multiple fracture in her left shoulder and a multiple fracture in one knee.

She's going into surgery, don't know when yet.

I came home from work to freshen up, since my monthlies came today, and go back to the hospital (which is right next to my workplace).

I hate going to hospitals, even in cases like this.  I love my Grandma with all my being, but I HATE hospitals....

Anyway, please keep her in your prayers, thoughts and well-wishes.  An 80something having surgery is not a good thing.

slashy: (puppet snape bad night)
Update on Grams:

Her knee is in half a cast for the night.  She has one bone fragment in her knee that won't let them sew up the wound, hence, that's still bleeding.

Her arm got dislocated and broken, right there, almost at the shoulder. 

They don't know whether the surgery tomorrow will be for both things, depends if they have all the necessary parts.  They will replace her knee completely.  But the hospital staff is really good, according to my sis (the Commander in Chief of the family) - it's a teaching hospital for the state university.

Mom will stay with her, since it's not a private room and Dad can't stay, even if it's his mom. 

I prayed over her a lot, more than half of the time I got to be with her - I was choked up, almost couldn't speak.  But I have complete faith in My Lord that she will be okay.

I'm going to shower, wash & dry my hair, and by the time I finish, I'm sure I'll be knocked out.  Plus my back is SCREAMING at me.



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