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I just want to say that I have this great big hate to people saying "no, you shouldn't feel/say/think ____"

You know what? I'll feel, say and/or think whatever the fuck I wanna feel/say/think.

If I wanna say "fuck valentine's day" then let me. Maybe v-day has always (or mostly always) been good for you. Well it's not been for me, EVER. And it doesn't look any better this time around.

If I wanna say that it brings my self esteem down when others are saying they're 106lbs or just need to lose 5lbs, when I'm struggling not to reach 300lbs, then fucking let me.

And if I let you worry about your elderly parents without telling you not to, then don't tell me "what I have to do" regarding my grandma. She's the only one I have left and I'm so worried about her. (Plus now we have to pay for the nursing home, so bye bye savings...)

So, if what I'm saying/feeling/thinking doesn't affect anyone but me, then fucking LET ME BE.

*hugs her blackberry for allowing work hours ranty posts*

And fuck my savings too, I'm getting the new Kindle.
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