Feb. 3rd, 2009

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I forgot to explain what happened yesterday to Grams.

It all really worked out to happen at the best possible time (God knows what he's doing) --->  I always believe that what's meant to happen to you, will happen, one way or the other.  So she was meant to have this accident, no matter what.  So since it had to happen, it happened on the best possible time.

My oldest sister, W, has a flexible schedule since she does a part time and works on her own as CPA.  She had taken yesterday to do stuff, but she was at my Grams during the morning.  She told Grams she'd be 'on the road' yesterday.

My bro-in-law, who I (and my whole family) have been berating silently for being unemployed and living for free with Grams and my sis (his wife), R, was home that day.  Grams told him about W.

So at 12pm, Grams decided to lie down on the bed while watching tv.  When she goes to get up, her cane slipped and she with it.  That room is next to, but separate from the room my bro in law is, so he's alerted to her fall & cries by the neighbors, who're closer (it's all due to room positions and all that sound wave stuff).

That's when he calls my sis W, who calls Dad.  They all get there to my bro-in-law and neighbor helping Grams up slowly.  911 was called but the ambulance got then 1.5 HOURS LATER.  Apparently there was tons of blood.  But thankfully, Grams never lost consciousness.

So, she's at the hospital now. Surgery to fix her arm and replace the knee is set for Thursday, since the equipment needed gets there tomorrow afternoon.

Thankfully my Grams is really healthy otherwise (no high/low sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. and no cancer, Alzheimer, etc....)

Thursday is important, so please keep her in your prayers, no matter who you pray with.  To me, it all goes to the same guy, no matter what name you give him.



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